Web developer @Fiserv

Key Duties:

  • Worked on Westpac’s online transform program (OTP) MOBILE + DESKTOP – building the web page and mobile application so the user can log in and do their online banking.
  • Worked on payment component of the application including the UI view, the payment API services to execute CRUD operations to the database.
  • Responsible for accessibility of application (HTML5 standards + Voice over + Talkback + Jaws) – Ensure the application to pass AAA accessibility standards, fully support for blind and impair vision customers.
  • Responsible for UI components and patterns for MOBILE application – It includes how the web elements should look, how the animation should behave based on the business and customers feedback. Ensure the patterns pass the accessibility, browsers and devices compatible.
  • Improving mobile application performance for all mobile devices – reduce the loading time after sign in from 8 seconds to 3 seconds, ensure the application still functions with acceptable speed for the low end devices like Samsung S2, Samsung S3, etc…
  • Implemented NBA (Next Best Action) framework for MOBILE application – based on information from KnowMe system to determine which one is the customer next best action and where the location of that next best action should be on the page
  • Implemented the client side JavaScript framework based on reactjs, redux, angularjs, knockoutjs, requirejs, etc…
  • Implemented javascript unit testing using Moq framework
  • Building css framework based on Less
  • Worked with designer to achieve the look of the icons being used for the application – normal icons for standard resolution and retina version of icons for high screen definition like iphone, ipad, etc…

Technologies used:

  • Accessibility
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • Reactjs, Redux
  • Angularjs
  • Git source control
  • Photoshop
  • Paint.Net
  • MVC, C#
  • KnockoutJs, jQuery
  • Less, Sprite image and css generations