UI Developer @Channel7

Key Duties:

  • I came on board as a UI developer. In first project, we used pure Javascript, css, html, and jQuery. I had the responsibility of the whole application lay out including Menu component, Tab component, some custom controls, as well as the animation. Besides, I got involved in communicating with the Business Analyst to analyse the input requirements and the output expectation of the application. I also had to deliver some presentation for the managers to persuade them that all the requirements can be achieved.
  • Next, we had new requirement which is to upgrade the existing application we built to Silverlight, WCF and SQL 2008. Again as a UI developer, I took on challenge with Silverlight. We started with Silverlight beta 2.0, then Silverlight RC, and now the released version of Silverlight 2.0. In order to bring all the features we already implemented, once again we had to create all the components such as menu, custom controls, and animation. Talking to the business analyst also goes side by side with our development.
  • Upgrade project from Silverlight 2.0 to 3.0
  • Upgrade project from Silverlight 3.0 to 4.0 beta
  • To support the team working environment, we are using Team Foundation System (TFS) and Sharepoint. Currently, we’re using SCRUM methodology for the development.

Technologies used:

  • net 2008, Framework 3.5, C#, WCF
  • jQuery, Ajax, javascript, CSS, HTML
  • SQL server 2008
  • Silverlight 2.0, Silverlight 3.0, Silverlight 4
  • Pattern MVVM, Prism, Unity
  • WCF Ria Services