Techincal Lead @Medibank

Key Duties:

  • To contribute to the Medibank Health Solutions business as a leader within the IT development team, utilizing strong technical skills to design robust solutions that meet user requirements in both functional and non-functional areas.
  • Provide technical expertise in all areas of product development, including specification, implementation, testing and deployment. Responsible for implementing the core components of the fitness2live system while maintaining a high level of code quality, including documentation, design for reuse and scalability. Provide a wealth of prior experience to the rest of the team when making decisions on technologies, design patterns and methodologies, as well as assisting other team members in their duties through mentoring. Should be capable and affective in managing the development of independent components and subsystems of the product, and be able to manage the development of said systems when teamed with junior/other developers.
  • Write Test scripts, Manual tests and UI Coded tests.

Technologies used:

  • Framework 4, C#,
  • SQL server 2008
  • Team Foundation System
  • Microsoft Test Manager