Portfolio Press gallery introduction text

Portfolio Press has always been one of my favorite free themes in term of showcasing any work portfolio or just normal gallery of pictures.

However, in some cases we would love to have a little introduction paragraph or some kind of summary of what this gallery page we am showing is about.

It’s very straight forward to show the gallery but whatever content we composed through WordPress admin doesn’t really get used at all.

I have had a look around on google and even portfolio press forum, and I found someone else also have the same issue reported. However, it wasn’t really the solution I was looking for.

Therefore I come up with my solution.

First of all, I didn’t want to touch the original portfolio theme files for numerous reasons:

  1. Our changes in those original files will get swiped out when the theme gets updated.
  2. We might break some functions because we am not fully aware of everything inside the theme.

As reasons above, we’re better off to create a child theme which inherits from the portfolio press theme and make changes in the child theme files instead. Click here to find out why and how to create a child theme from Portfolio Press.

Once we have child theme ready, create a sub folder called ‘templates’ as image below

Portfolio Press Child Theme Folder Structure
Portfolio Press Child Theme Folder Structure

Next, create a copy of file called ‘full-width-image-gallery-formats.php‘ from the original Portfolio Press theme folder and move it into the themes folder created as above.

Then we need to add php code as below

right after

and before

That’s it. After this change, we now can reused the content of the page to show some introduction text or whatever content we want before the images gallery.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this. Hope this help someone 🙂